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Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival

Past Festival Reviews

Looking for Condors

Looking for Condors, January 2015, near Morro Bay. Photo by Don Henderson.

On a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent), participants gave the 2015 Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival an average rating of 9.1.  Shown below are some of the participants' comments, as well as pictures from several events from the 2015 Festival.

               Birding with Scott Weidensaul  

Birding with Scott Weidensaul
I very much appreciate all the effort you all put into this.  We plan to do it for many years to come.               

Quartz Hill, California                                                        

I loved this festival. Very well run and organized. Great people. Good trips and variety of habitats. Thanks for all your hard work.

Chicago, Illinois

As a novice, I was so very pleased with the staff overall.  It was obvious that a loving spirit was injected into the festival from the beginning.

Moreno Valley, California

    Starting a Big Day

Starting a Big Day

I really enjoyed attending the festival, met a lot of great people, saw great birds and learned a lot.


An awesome 5th year of MBWBF for me!  Thanks for your hard work! A very smooth and well-run, fun event.                 

Morro Bay, California      

Thank you--this festival just gets better. It is my main bird event each year! See you in 2016..

Carpinteria, California
 Jeanette Trumpeter and New Owl Friend

  Anchorwoman Jeanette Trumpeter Makes a New Friend.

Keep it up...solid volunteers and experts. Thanks for a great confab.


All of the presentations were superb! The entire festival was well organized. I was delighted witht eh variety of topice and different eents to choose from! The price was extremely reasonable.

Mission Viejo, California          

Dear MBWBF people, the Festival was great! Thank you all.           

Los Angeles, California

Tracking (photo by Alice Cahill)

Scanning for Condors

A truly excellent festival this year -- thanks!     

Camarillo, California

Wonderful festival. Great job everyone!

Palo Alto, California

Bird Festival Trip Starters: Where it all begins

Morro Bay Bird Festival Starters


It was a great bird festival--kudos to all who worked so hard to make it a smooth running success!

Santa Rosa, California   

This was the perfect day--beautiful weather and birds on demand.              

San Francisco, California