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The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival operates under the auspices of the Morro Coast Audubon Society and is overseen by a Board of Directors.  The Board is responsible for short- and long-range planning, all financial decisions, and personnel matters.  Almost all of the Board members are unpaid volunteers, as are nearly all of the field trip and work shop presenters as well as the people who work during the Festival.  In all, about 160 volunteers are involved in making the Festival a success.

2013-2014 Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival Board of Directors
Chair  Marlys McPherson 
Secretary  Bob Revel
Treasurer  Maggie Higgins
Badges/Proofreading       Rosalie Valvo
Hospitality/Reception Ruth Davis
Programs Norma Wightman

Publicity                              Judy Sullivan
Vendors Shanda Gibbs
  Crystal Jack
Volunteers Jean Fanselow
Website  Glenn Silloway
Liz Blake

2013-2014 Staff/Professional Services                      

Coordinator                          Janice Peters
Registrar Crystal Jack
Transportation Chris Cameron
Brochure Design Katy Budge 
2013-2014 Special Projects Volunteers

Program Committee                 Kaaren Perry
  Suzy Black
  Marlin Harms
Family Day Program  Jan Surbey
Environmental Groups  Lexi Bell

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival Board - 2013