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Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival

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Birds of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo County

A sample of many of the birds you might see on field trips at the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival is shown in photographs online here (this is a work in progress - we will be adding them continuously).  These photos are by some of the fine photographers who live and work in San Luis Obispo County (a special thanks to Mike Baird, Dave Keeling, and Alan Schmierer for the banner photos).

In addition, you can see in the past years' bird lists which birds were found during prior Festivals -- you can browse these PDFs here (below) or download them.

We have grouped the birds in the familiar order, though not by formal taxonomy.  We hope these groups make sense!
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Prior Year
Bird Lists

 Ducks, Geese, Swans
 Turkey, Quail  2006
 Loons and Grebes
 Petrel, Albatross, Shearwater
 Pelicans, Boobies, Cormorants
 Herons and Allies  2010
 Hawks, Eagles, Falcons
 Cranes, Rails and Allies
 Shorebirds  2013
 Gulls, Terns
 Murres, Auks  2015
 Pigeons, Doves
 Owls, Goatsuckers  
 Hummingbirds, Swifts  
 Flycatchers, Shrikes  
 Jays, Magpies, Crows
 Chickadees, Titmice  
 Nuthatches, Creepers  
 Wrens, Kinglets  
 Thrushes, Gnatcatchers  
 Thrashers and Allies, Starlings  
 Pipits, Waxwings, Larks
 Towhees, Sparrows  
 Grosbeaks, Buntings, Tanagers  
 Blackbirds, Orioles, Meadowlarks